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I am writing this letter on this day of May 14, 2016 to all citizens of the great nation of the United States of America and all other people’s in other countries on this great planet earth. Today I will offer answers to solve today’s increase hatred and violence all around the world.  I will explain why people hate and kill and have no remorse and compassion  for a human life. Today I will outline many things that we can change to become better people.Starting with that  we must first liberate ourselves from the things that were planted from the foundation of mankind to control and divide humans on earth by manmade religious beliefs, race, wealth and country traditions. God sees no religion.  Religion is man made. Religion beliefs has become man idol. God has one word for all that has no division among countries nor race. We are all equal in God eyes . We are all magnificent people no matter how much money you have.  From the very  start of human life as spoken in the Great Book of Genesis. God created a man then he created a woman.  God only creates one woman and one men. And from that one woman and one man they produced kids to start life here on earth.  From Adam and Eve became all of us in the world on earth.  Therefore we are all one.  We are all family.  We are all God children.  We are all equal.  We the have to stop killing and hurting one another. Never fight fire with fire. Conquers hate with love. Forgive others like God forgive us for our sins. Set goals to find our  purpose in life instead of acquiring riches and prosperity.  It’s time that we follow all of God’s laws as so called Christians.  It’s time to March and protest that every government around the world stop punishing convicted criminals with a death sentences.  No matter how evil the crime was. I believe a man should be locked up for life. But no man or woman has the right to kill another human being but God himself. God will decide his punishment.  A person that takes ones life in retaliation of taking someone esle life is both unjust and wrong.  It’s time to stop legalized killings by all governments around the world.  It’s time that all armies around the world put down their guns and stop killing people.  God says clearly that tho shall not kill. There is no justification for taking another human life unless you are defending you or your family life with no other choice.  We have to stop judging and hurting one another physically and demonically. We have to stop judging people for not having the same belief as ourselves.  Money shouldn’t make you. You should make money.  The Remedy for all of our problems is forgiveness and love for all people.  It’s time that we stop glorifying and enjoyn seeing other people’s get beat no matter what they did. It’s time that we African Americans stop standing by watching and video taping someone getting attacked by another person without calling the police are breaking it up. How can we terrorize other people’s with guns in their own homes are vehicles just to take what’s theirs. How can you have the heart or will to shoot someone after robbing them for no reason.  Most black males wouldn’t commited these types of crimes if they wasn’t under the influence of narcotics.  We first have to diagnose the problem in order to solve the problems.  I don’t blame the peoples.  I blame the drugs. People’s don’t really realize that different types of drugs are different types of spirits. The stronger the drugs, the stronger the demonic spirits will be. We are more vulnerable under the influence of drugs depending on the person.  Some people’s do drugs and a lot of people’s let drugs do them.  Drugs controls some people to do things that normally wouldn’t do sober. Its time  to have a discussion and educate people how liberate ourselves from hatred and help one another to overcome life struggles that we face day to day. Let’s love one another unconditional,  Let’s build people’s up instead of trying to tear them down.  Let’s abolish all forms of killing humans.  No one should take another person’s life because a government has sentence him or her to death.  No person has the authority to take anyone’s life but God.  All that do is disobeying God and will be punished by God himself along with the person that commited a terrible crime. Coming Soon I will write a blog detailing ways to overcome life struggles.  I will discuss how obstacles are actually signs of our goals being reached soon but we never noticed it. I will discuss how being persistent daily, anyone can manifest their prayers or goals instantly according to that person Faith. I pray that everyone be blessed and seize this moment and realize no matter who you are and no matter if you are rich or poor God loves us all equally and so shall we. Man have to stop defining our happiness by being rich with nice homes and cars. Life is more than Success. Life is knowing and finding who you are and your purpose here on earth.  Seize the Moment.